School Activities

Wheelie Days

Every day children are allowed to bring in bikes,scooters,roller skates,heelys,go karts and skate boards,(if you bring a roller skates or skate board you must bring a helmet, knee pads,elbow pads) .And must always bring a helmet if u don't have a have a helmet we will supply some spare helmets from school. 

KiVa School

We are a KiVa school. KiVa is a research-based antibullying programme that has been developed in Finland. Children participate in lessons every other week.

Click here to see the KiVa website.




Children in Foundation Phase participate in DINA sessions. DINA is a social skills programme. The programme uses life-size puppets, practice activities, role plays, and games to teach children appropriate social and emotional skills. The children learn a variety of skills such as: introductions; listening and following directions; identifying and expressing feelings appropriately; anger management; cooperation; teamwork; and friendship skills. DINA is the young version of KiVa for infants. 



Every other Friday pupils take part in ERIC. ERIC stands for Everyone Reads In Class. A Junior class pairs up with one of the Infant classes and they take it in turns to read. All pupils enjoy this and it is lovely to see a mixture of age groups working together.

                               Reading with Henry

We are very lucky. A dog comes into school and reads with us. His name is Henry and he is a labrador. He belongs to Tomos in Dosbarth Meithrin. His Mum brings Henry into school to read to us. The children like reading to him, because he makes them feel safe.


The choir went to a residential home to sing to the residents just before Christmas. Everyone was in the festive spirit. 

Loose Parts

We have a container in the school playground, that contains loose parts for all children to play with at lunch time.  The container is open by Year 5 children every lunch time, weather dependent. Please click on the link below to read our play policy, that the children have decided on. 

Ysgol Cynfran Play Policy



PC Brown

PC Catrin Brown comes in regularly to talk to us. She talks to us about relevant up to date information to help keep us safe, including cyber-bullying and being safe online.

Size of Wales

We were offered a workshop by Becks from Size of Wales. All junior classes attended an assembly which they were told about deforestation and the affect this is having on our planet. Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 all had a workshop. Pupils found the workshop very informative. 

         European Day

Every year each class celebrates European Day of Languages, and do different tasks and try eating different countries foods. The teachers of each class pick a country in Europe  and the pupils of that class have to come in the colours of their country flags and bring foods that you would eat in that country.


Mrs Lyon has worked with Years 5 and 6, teaching them how to cook. The first thing they made was banana smoothie. They had to chop up bananas and pour some milk into a blender. They then poured it into a cup and drank it.

Rugby Taster

The juniors are lucky to have had taster sessions with rugby coach Tim Hoare. They always learn new tricks, play tag rugby, play games like who could do the trickiest throw and much more.

Being Active

We are always encouraging pupils and staff to be active. Every day children are taking part in various activities. For example, walk a mile, Go Noodle. To complete 1 mile you have to run around the field 7 times. We have Sports Captains in Years 5 and 6 who are always busy running games on the school yard, as well as running wheelie days.

Playground Games

There are a variety of games to play at playtime, such as netball, tennis, Criw Cymraeg, container, Wheelie days, football and much more. Children love to play these games. Criw Cymraeg is based on Welsh games and encourages children to speak Welsh and builds up their confidence and have something to play at lunch time. Our Sports Captains are always busy running games too. Most games are run by children which is great.


Years 5 and 6 attended an Anti-Racism workshop, where they were taught about the importance of treating everyone the same. 


The children are always busy helping look after our school grounds. Many children take a keen interest in gardening and planting. Year 6 recently cleared an area, ready for it to be improved and designed into something new. 


We have a weekly collective worship assembly and a weekly celebration assembly. We also have assemblies to celebrate different important events, including Remembrance Day.

Nant B H and Pentre

Children are given the opportunity to attend residential visits to Nant Bwlch yr Haearn and Pentrellyncymer.  Nant BH is near Betws Y Coed and Pentre is near Llyn Brenig. Both outdoor centres give pupils the opportunity to learn new outdoor skills, by participating in activities such as gorge walking, canoeing, climbing and bushcarft.  Pupils always have lots of fun.

Nant B H website

Pentre website

World Book Day

Every year in March, we celebrate reading by celebrating World Book Day. Children dress up as their favourite book characters and do different activities based on books. This is always a very enjoyable day. 


We work very closely with Ysgol Bryn Elian, to ensure the transition from Year 6 to secondary school goes as smoothly as possible, and reassures pupils, so they feel comfortable moving to Year 7. We attend transition lessons in Ysgol Bryn Elian and have teachers who come to school, to carry out some transition activities too. We recently attended a showing of Alice in Wonderland, performed by Ysgol Bryn Elian pupils.


All classes are given the opportunity to attend workshops, covering all aspects of the curriculum. Recently pupils were able to take part in a Criw Cymraeg Art workshop and Ceramic workshop.

First Aid

We aim to broaden  children's life skills. Junior children attended basic First Aid training. The training was provided by St John's Ambullance. 


All children are given the opportunity to attend school trips. These are educational and usually based on what children have been learning about in class. One of the most recent trips was when Years 5 and 6 visited Bodelwyddan Castle. They visited here to attend the World War 1 workshop and trenches tour after completing a Mantle of the Expert topic on World War 1. 

Ysgol Cynfran 

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