Blwyddyn 6

Museum Day 

Year 6 went to Liverpool World Museum to learn about Ancient Egypt and also had a look in the space room.


In language year 6 have been learning about describing words. And so outside looking for things to describe and they will be using this in there amazing Egyptian adventure story.   



Year 6 went to the BBC orchestra and watched them perform different songs and a lady was teaching us makaton to join in.And we had a great time.

This is the head boy head girl deputy head girl deputy head boy and the new sports captains. Head girl is Izzy Jones Head boy is Jack Owen deputy head girl is Maddie Gardner and deputy head boy is Tommy Hill and  Sports captains are Evie Vicars Harris and Sophie Jones 

Llyn Brenig

Year 6 went to Llyn Brenig we went on a long walk around the reservoir we saw lots of  sheep and we learnt about the big plug that keeps the water in the lake. We had a fantastic day and we enjoyed the outdoors. 


Year 6 went to DangerPoint and learnt about the things that are dangerous in the world. These dangers include how not to buy cheap chargers from the internet. We also learnt not to play on railways and near power lines. Did you know it takes 20 football pitch's to stop a train?  

Llechwedd mine.

Year 6 went to Llechwedd Slate Quarry to explore the deep mines. They were given the opportunity to explore the various chambers and use the same tools that were used in the mine during the Victorian era.

Ysgol Cynfran 

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