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School Trips

Some of the classes go on school trips such as: Glan Llyn, Nant BH, Celtic Realms and so many more. It is a fun day out and at Nant BH you stay for three days. The children get to go rock climbing, caneoing, high ropes course (optional) and eving strolls. Also the children that stay in NBH get the following every day that they stay at NBH :breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, supper, and to top it all off they each get a hot chocolate and two biscuits before bed. At the Celtic Realms you find out what life was like for the Celts and do fun activities. Glan Llyn is simaler to NBH except you get to have a disco, play games, go on a climbing frame and so many more. Every class has a school trip.

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