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Carbon Schools Award

Recently, Ysgol Cynfran became the first school in Wales to have won the Carbon Trust Award! To win this prestigious award, the school had to prove to the Carbon Trust Judges that our Eco Schools Council, pupils, teachers and Caretaker had worked together as a team to reduce the schools energy consumption and carbon footprint. Members of our Eco Schools Council, under the guidance of Mrs B. Hughes, have been checking that children turn off lights and taps around the school and make sure that teachers turn off laptops and projectors! Mrs Bailey, our Caretaker, has kept a close eye on fuel consumption and has helped us save thousands of pounds through careful monitoring. Other pupils under the guidance of Mr O. Rogers have produced graphs showing meter readings and fuel consumption. This team approach impressed the judges so much that they felt that Ysgol Cynfran truly deserved the award and the prize of £10,000 worth of solar panels for the school roof!

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