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The Poppy Project

The poppy project was where all the school went in to groups to the community centre and here is what we did:

1. We got a bottle and cut the bottom of it off.

2. We cut down to the bottom of the bottle and cut a triangle out.

3. Then we made the petals.

4. We painted the inside of the bottle.

5. We went outside and spray painted the lids black.

6. Then we drilled a hole in the bottom of the poppy.

7. We then stuck a green cane up the drilled hole.

8. We wrote our names on a name tag and then stuck it onto the cane.

9. We then used a hair drier to curve the edges of the poppy.

10. We stuck the lid we spray painted on the green cane with a glue gun on the inside of the poppy.

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