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Daffodil Project

Laura came in again but this time we were making daffodils. Here are the instructions for making them, you can have a go at home if you want to and if you have the right equipment.

  1. Cut around the middle of the bottle

  2. Take the top of the bottle and unscrew the lid

  3. Make little slits with your scissors then bend them down

  4. Go back to the main body of the bottle and cut it in half

  5. Round the sharp edges

  6. Fold the main body in half and make a slit

  7. Fold it the other way and make another slit

  8. In the end you should have a cross in the middle of your sheet of plastic

  9. Put the top of the bottle through the slot

  10. Take this creation outside and spray paint it in yellow or gold

  11. Whilst that is drying off take a long green stick

  12. Use a drill to make a hole in the top of the lid (always be careful!)

  13. Take your green stick and push it through the hole that you have just drilled

  14. Finally, screw the lid onto the yellow flower

  15. For finishing touches, grab a paintbrush and paint the tips of the middle in orange

Now you have your very own daffodil after it has dried.

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